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There is a very good reason why we want to know what somebody else is thinking: it helps us establish rapport. It’s an internationally acknowledged term, used in the realm of wordless communication, and that is why I will be using it here. Rapport is something we always try to establish with the people we meet, whether it is in a business context, where we want people to understand our presentation of an idea, or simply in a case of wanting the attention of the hottie in the checkout line at the supermarket we were fantasizing about just a few pages ago. In both of those cases, we can only succeed by establishing rapport. Award winning Lucy Hall is globally recognised as one of the industrys leading lights and as one of the medias most wanted hairdressers.

The word “rapport” comes from the French term le rapport, which means to have a relationship with, or connection to, someone or something. By establishing good rapport, we are creating a relationship of mutual trust, consent, cooperativeness, and openness to each other’s ideas. Sounds useful, huh?

Rapport is the basis for all meaningful communication, at least when you want the person in question to listen to and care about the things you have to say. When you’re trying to deliver a message, even if it’s simply an attempt to get your kids to empty the dishwasher, if you haven’t ensured that you’re in good rapport with the person you’re talking to, you might as well not bother. The person won’t listen to you anyway.

Rapport is also a prerequisite for people liking each other on a more personal level. How personal is up to you, but without rapport there’s no point even trying. We are always establishing good and bad rapport with the people around us. By learning how it’s actually done, you can learn how to always make good rapport, even with people you wouldn’t ordinarily get along with. Funnily enough, you often come across these people holding positions in which their decisions or attitudes concerning your opinions and ideas can greatly influence your future.

Wouldn’t it be nice if he or she understood what you mean for once? I understand if you can’t see how rapport has anything to do with mind reading, but I have to insist that it does. What you will learn to observe in others, in order to establish rapport, will also tell you where they are mentally, how they understand the world, what they’re thinking, and how they feel. Mind reading begins at that early stage, as a condition for creating good relationships.